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Sunday, September 14, 2014

AGSE Book Sale

It's that time of the school year! Check us out this Tuesday and Wednesday (Sept. 16 & 17) in the Jerome Breezeway (under Sierra Tower) for our annual $1 book sale!

Every $5 purchase gets you a free mystery gift

Check out our flyer below, and help us spread the word!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 2014 Meeting Highlights

After a board meeting and our first club meeting of the semester, we have tons of exciting news to offer up to you all!

The first item of big news is regarding our conference. The date of the AGSE annual conference will be March 14, 2015. Our speaker is Viet Nyguen, a professor at USC who specializes in Asian American studies. Prof. Nyguen has a new book of fiction coming out and we are very excited to hear what he has to present. Along these notes, the theme of our conference is going to be "Voyages." We are currently working on a CFP, so be on the lookout for that soon.

Secondly, we will be having a bunch of fundraisers this semester to raise money for our conference and all of the fun things we want to do. Our first fundraiser will be the AGSE $1 Book Sale, which will take place September 16th and 17th in the Jerome Richfield/Sierra Hall Breezeway (specific times to be announced soon). We will need volunteers who want to help us sell. We also welcome any book donations because we are all about finding orphaned books new homes. Concluding the book sale will be a fundraiser at a local restaurant (TBA shortly).

Other fundraisers to look forward to are: a special Halloween themed bowling night, a second book sale later in the semester, and other food-related fun times.

At the meetings we also discussed other possible fundraising ideas and welcome any ideas you may have. Please contact one of the board members with your suggestion or idea!

Lastly, we have two fantastically informative workshops in the works for this semester: How to Write an Abstract (featuring new Rhet/Comp professors and special tips for each emphasis) as well as a What to do with a Degree in English Aside from Teaching workshop brought to us by Kathy Leslie.

As always, if you know someone who is not yet a member, tell him/her to join us! Membership forms are on our board on the 7th Floor of Sierra Tower and all forms and $10 lifetime membership fees can be turned in to Marjie. If you need help convincing them, remember we offer 5 C’s: it looks good on your CV, the opportunity to take part in and build up our scholarly Community, a chance to Commiserate with other grads taking the same classes as you, our annual spring Conference, and to Celebrate all the hard work we put in week after week! We will be making the rounds to classes soon to gather new members and to spread the word about our upcoming events.

Our next monthly meeting will be Wednesday, October 1 from 1-2 in JR 319. Help us get the word out by inviting your friends and new grad students you may have in your classes!

Thanks to all who attended last week's meeting, in person and in spirit!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Welcome back, AGSE-ers!

The 2014-15 AGSE Board would like to welcome everyone back to the 2014 Fall Semester! Stay tuned as the board gets ready to make some big announcements regarding upcoming fundraisers, monthly meeting dates, and the annual spring conference! You won't want to miss what we've got lined up this year!

In the meantime, make sure you join us as a lifetime member - if you aren't already! - and don't forget to like us on Facebook! :)

We hope you all had a fantastic summer, and we look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces this week!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meet the 2014-15 Board!

President: Wafa Azeem

After waiting for 13 years, Wafa is pretty sure she is not going to receive an owl from Hogwarts. So in the meantime, she moonlights as a second year English graduate student. Not wanting to be outdone by Professor McGonagoll, she will be teaching English Composition class for a second year. With an emphasis in Literature, she enjoys spending time in different worlds and looking at her world with different perceptions.

Vice President: Vana Derohanessian

Vana Derohanessian has her bachelor's degree in English literature in 2007 and is currently an English graduate student at CSUN. Vana is interested in the history of children's literature as a reflection of social and cultural values regarding children. Her incessant fascination with Lewis Carroll's classic "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" may be referred to by some as obsession.

Treasurer: Angeline Olliff

A second-year Teaching Associate at CSUN, Angeline is working to finish her Master's in English this academic year with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition.  She hopes to continue teaching and learning as she expands and complicates her own research in First-Year Composition pedagogy and cognitive development. Don't tell anyone, but the "bean counter" (treasurer) in her is actually the Batman to her Bruce Wayne.  Or maybe the Penguin.  Penguins are cuddly. 

Recording Secretary: Jackie Hymes

Jackie really likes hockey. I mean, she REALLY likes hockey. If you talk to her about hockey, you will probably become her best friend. She is also the mother to two extremely spoiled cats. To not make this sound like the beginning of a personal ad: Jackie is in her fourth and most likely final year of her presidential term-length stay in the Master's program at CSUN. Yet, she has never been president of, well, anything here. Having served as secretary on the Sigma board last year, she hopes to take her obsessive note taking skills and put them to good use once again. She is currently a T.A. and working on the last poetry thesis that will be completed at CSUN. Born directly between the Ides of March and St. Patrick's Day, it makes sense that her thesis involves Greek Mythology, what is left behind, the afterlife, and history. When she is not busy writing poems or reading poetry, she enjoys reading graphic novels, weird fiction, and collecting Timothy McSweeny's Quarterly Concerns.

Press Secretary: Stephanie Lim

Stephanie is a CSUN lifer, going on 10 years strong as a Matador! While she finishes up her very last year (holy cow!) of the English Master's program, she also works as a Teaching Associate for the department. Although she loves her share of literature, her true passion is musical theatre and popular culture. When she's not reading, working, or sleeping, you can probably find her watching a show or at a concert. Or drooling over Luke Bryan. Achluophobic, arachnophobic, acrophobic, and trypanophobic.

Historian: Liz Hernandez

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Liz Hernandez has spent most of her slow-yet-constantly-ebbing youth in search of a man who has a rich and comprehensive library (and earns 10,000 pounds a year). However, as he is nowhere in sight, and perhaps never will be, she has resorted to buying her own books and making her own library, which smells heavenly! She is currently entering her second and final year of the CSUN graduate program and is on the boards of the 18th Century Club, Critical Theory Club, and 4Humanities. The Long 18th century is her absolute favorite with a particular fondness for the Regency Period. If you need to find her she is probably tucked away in a comfy corner of the library sniffing some of her favorite books so they don't feel neglected.

The 2013-2014 Board would like to take a moment to thank our advisor, Dr. Kent Baxter, our members, our supporters, and our awesome grad students for making our tenure as AGSE board members a fantastic experience! From Holly, Susana, and Steve - the best of luck to the new board and to all our English MA students!  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Path to the PhD" Workshop

A warm thank you to all who were able to attend our annual "Path to the PhD" workshop last week, and a very special thank you to Dr. Nate Mills who shared all of his expertise with us about applying to and entering PhD programs.

For those who were unable to attend the workshop, you can find Nate's handout from the workshop here for download.

Thanks to all who continually support AGSE and our events, and we wish you all the best as we approach the end of the semester!