• Path to the PhD Workshop

    Join us on Wednesday, april 23 from 2-3pm in JR 319 annual "Path to the PhD" workshop, featuring our special guest speaker, Dr. Nate Mills!

  • Intersections Conference Success!

    A humongous thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered, and supported our Intersections conference in March! We hope you all had a fantastic time listening to fellow scholarly research, networking, making new friends, and making AGSE's annual spring conference such a success! Special thanks to Spudnuts and Chipotle for the amazing breakfast and lunch spread. We hope to see you all next year!

  • Beoome a lifetime AGSE member today!

    Lifetime memberships for AGSE are only $10! Contact us at agse.csunorthridge@gmail.com for more details. And don't forget to pick up an AGSE shirt for $20!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Path to the PhD Workshop

It's almost here! Our annual "Path to the PhD" workshop is this Wednesday, April 23, in JR 319 from 2-3pm. If you (or your friends) have been considering the PhD, this is the workshop for you! Featured speaker Dr. Nate Mills will go over the pros and cons of pursuing such a degree, go over vital information everyone should know before applying, and will be able to answer questions you may have about the PhD.

We hope you'll join us for our last workshop of the school year!

Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Present at a Conference Highlights

Thanks to everyone who attended our "How to Present at a Conference" Power Workshop last week! And a very special thank you to our guest speaker, Dr. Chatterjee!

For those who were unable to attend the workshop, you can download the highlights here!

See you all at the conference!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Meeting Highlights

Annnnd we're back! Thanks to all who attended (and brought snacks to!) our first meeting of the spring semester! For those who weren't able to make it, here's a recap of what you missed!

Books & Bowling: Valentine's Week!
As Valentine's Day approaches, join us for a week of books, bowling, and bibliophiles!

  1. Spring Booksale: One more book sale to feed your bibliophilia! Tuesday, February 11 from 10:30am- 3:30pm @ Jerome Breezeway (in between Jerome Richfield and Sierra Hall!)
  2. Lovers' Lane: Bowling with Bibliophiles, Valentine's Edition! We had such a great time last semester that we're ready for another bowling night! Thursday, February 13 from 9pm-11pm @ Brunswick Matador Bowl (Off Balboa and Nordhoff!)

    $15 with an RSVP (email or Facebook), or $18 without.
    Price includes shoes and two hours of bowling fun!

Other Upcoming Events:
  1. How to Present at a Conference: Dr. Chatterjee will join us once again to talk about conference presentation tips and tricks! Tuesday, February 25 @ 10-11am in JR 319.
  2. Board Elections: For those interested in being on the AGSE board, we will do nominations in a few months! Positions include president, vice president, treasurer, recording secretary, press secretary, and historian. More information, including position details, coming soon.
  3. Intersections Conference: Saturday, March 8 starting at 9am @ the CSUN USU! Much more information coming soon!

If you'd like to volunteer for our upcoming book sale event, become an official member (lifetime membership for $10!), and/or purchase our lovely AGSE shirt, please contact us at agse.csunorthridge@gmail.com.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Write an Abstract Workshop Highlights

Monday, November 18, 2013

November Meeting Highlights

We had a fabulous meeting this November. We discussed the Call For Papers for the AGSE Spring conference, "Intersections." We also announced that we are planning on having a panel of first-year students at the conference; we are accepting full-length papers from first-year students. If you teach or SI for a first-year comp class, have your students send us their essays by email (agse.csunorthride@gmail.com). 

We are also very excited about the AGSE workshop on Wednesday, November 20th at 2:30 p.m. in Jerome Richfield 319 on How to Write an Abstract for a Conference, hosted by the brilliant Dr. Ranita Chatterjee. We hope you can all attend.

We also had a very informative discussion, lead by Hannah Jorgenson, about what to do to study for the GRE. Here are a few highlights from that discussion:

1. One of the best books that you can buy to help you study for the GRE is by Manhattan Prep. You can also pay for classes through this company, as well as companies like this, but all of the information that you will need can be found in their prep books.

2.Study the format of the GRE. You need to know how the questions are worded and what kind of answers the test will expect from you. The GRE is written with a specific logic to it that once you understand you will be able figure out what answers the test finds to be the most correct (sometimes there will be several options that look correct on a multiple-choice question). 

3.Studying vocabulary words will only take you so far. It may be helpful to make flashcards and memorize a few hundred of the most commonly used GRE words, but if you only have a limited amount of time, you should stick to studying the logic and format of the GRE.

4.Take lots of practice tests. The more familiar you are with the style and kind of language typically used on the test, the more comfortable you will be on the test day. 

5. Give yourself lots of time to study for the test, maybe a few months in advance, depending on how much time you plan on dedicating to studying each day. 

6. The night before the test, you might want to just give yourself a break because you've probably already studied enough at this point.

Hope to see you next month for our final meeting of the semester on Friday, December 6th from 1:00-2:00 p.m.!